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L-Shaped Kitchen

5 Fabulous L-Shaped Kitchen Design with Kitchen Island as Center

L-Shaped Kitchen is a simple term used for modern kitchen layouts that are specifically designed to optimize the function and use of space. This type of kitchen uses various modules or cabinet units made from various materials and stores kitchen accessories.

The minimalist L-shaped kitchen design has flexible properties because it can be used in even large and small kitchens. In a large kitchen, the empty space in the middle can be filled with a kitchen island, while in a small kitchen, the empty space in the middle will make the occupants of the house feel freer to move.


Kitchen with Monochrome Themes

4 Attractive Color Combinations That You Can Apply In Your Kitchen with Monochrome Themes

Kitchen with Monochrome Themes is a theme that has always been popular because of its ability to display an elegant atmosphere.

This color comes from the English words “Mono” (one) and “Chrome” (color), which means “a color formed by just one hue of hue”. Generally, the monochrome concept is dominated by white or black. This is because the white color will make a minimalist home feel clean and spacious. Meanwhile, black will create a masculine and elegant impression.


Kitchen Designs with Classic Concept

Top 3 Kitchen Designs with Classic Concept That Are Back in Interest this Year

Kitchen Designs with Classic Concept is a design style that is timeless because it always looks elegant, stylish, controlled, and puts forward a luxurious appearance. This style is characterized by the presence of ceiling moldings, arches or pillars, furniture with perfect curves, sculptures, and finishes, and looks very elegant.

Another important factor is lighting. In addition to relying on natural light from the sun, this style also considers several levels of light, such as the use of a ceiling chandelier that resembles a candle or something sparkling in the form of crystal.