Author: Saara Christian

Summer Small Balcony Designs

5 Magnificent Summer Small Balcony Designs That You Can Try For A More Homey Atmosphere

Summer Small Balcony Designs is one concept that you can try. The balcony is the best area that we usually use to do fun activities such as relaxing, breathing a little clearer air in the morning, or just enjoying the afternoon rain in peace. Therefore, having a comfortable and colorful balcony is a must.

The balcony atmosphere with Summer Atmosphere is something new that you must try to enjoy this season. How not, enjoying the warm summer atmosphere supported by the warm nuances of the balcony will be very pleasant. You can apply a concept like this even on a small balcony.


Dining Room to the Outdoors

How to Bring the Dining Room to the Outdoors For a More Intimate Atmosphere

Dining Room to the Outdoors is indeed a rather difficult job, considering that some of us may not like an open atmosphere and prefer to enjoy eating in a closed atmosphere to make it more solemn. But some can also have other problems, namely the absence of an open space that can be used as a dining room.

Well, you don’t need to worry, one of the areas that you can use as a dining room is the backyard. If you have a house with a backyard, don’t leave it alone. There’s nothing wrong with decorating it into a comfortable and well-organized outdoor space. The main purpose of this area is none other than as an “oasis” for homes, especially houses in areas with hot climates.


Modern Art Deco Style

4 Characteristics of the Master Bedroom in Modern Art Deco Style You Should Know

Modern Art Deco Style is one of the design themes that you can consider for your master bedroom concept. This theme is synonymous with the appearance of masculinity with clear lines but still displays a graceful and luxurious impression.

This design combines modern concepts with decorative interiors that are very thick because they were influenced by the Industrial Revolution in England at the end of the 19th century. As a result of the invention of factory machines at that time, finally created something that was very difficult for humans to create at that time, namely a straight line. At that time, art deco design gave designers the freedom to create modern meaning in the designs they made.


Summer Concepts

Top 3 Summer Concepts That You Can Apply to Your Family Room For a Colorful Ambience Display

Summer Concepts is one view that you should consider. This design concept is considered very warm and soothing. Not only that, but this concept will also present a lighter, brighter, more exploratory feel.

Well, here we summarize some concepts that have a summer feel that you can present in your family room. Let’s look at the following reviews about Summer Concepts.


Tropical Nuance

How to Bring a Tropical Nuance to the Bathroom

Tropical Nuance is one of the design concepts that present a lighter, brighter, more exploratory feel and is considered very calming and soothing. This concept is quite popular to be applied in several rooms at home, one of which is the bathroom.

The bathroom is one area that we usually use as a place to spend time after a tiring day of activities to clean the body, take a shower or just enjoy solitude. You can make your bathroom look comfortable through the choice of several concepts that present certain nuances with a choice of wall colors and decorations to create the impression of the bathroom you want.


Beach Atmosphere

How to Bring a Beach Atmosphere to the Bedroom

Beach Atmosphere is one of the popular themes that are synonymous with comfort and relaxation so that it reminds us of the seaside scenery that can always lift our spirits and make us relax.

At first glance, this style combines sharp lines with clean colors that can be an opportunity to delve into more nautical or beach themes. This style also has an arrangement or design that adopts a sea atmosphere with a touch of beautiful and comfortable seaside views. The interior used in this concept also reflects a simple and relaxed design equipped with minimalist furniture. This theme is widely used for home decoration, especially bedrooms.


L-Shaped Kitchen

5 Fabulous L-Shaped Kitchen Design with Kitchen Island as Center

L-Shaped Kitchen is a simple term used for modern kitchen layouts that are specifically designed to optimize the function and use of space. This type of kitchen uses various modules or cabinet units made from various materials and stores kitchen accessories.

The minimalist L-shaped kitchen design has flexible properties because it can be used in even large and small kitchens. In a large kitchen, the empty space in the middle can be filled with a kitchen island, while in a small kitchen, the empty space in the middle will make the occupants of the house feel freer to move.