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Vintage Concepts

4 Rooms in the House That You Can Apply Vintage Concepts

Vintage Concepts is one of the classic styles that are still quite popular today. This style emerged and developed in the 1920s to 1960s. Vintage is also known as “old and of very high quality”. Although close to the ancient and simple impression, vintage still has its own interesting impression even to wear today.

Color is a very important element in vintage style. The use of colors that are most often applied to this style is soft colors or muted pastels. That is the characteristic of the color in the vintage style. Not only that, another characteristic of vintage design is that it is identical to the old-school impression so that the furniture that is usually used is also old-fashioned. There are 2 kinds of old-school furniture in vintage designs, namely furniture with models that were popular in the past and furniture with modern models that seem shabby.


Dining Table

Best 3 Materials You Can Try to Make as a Dining Table

Dining Table is a set of furniture that is usually found in every home. This one piece of furniture serves as a place to eat or just relax.

There are various models and designs of dining tables that you can choose according to your taste. Even for those of you who want to have a unique and personal dining table design, you can try to make it more special so that it will display a warm family feel.


Private Mini Bar

How to Bring Your Private Mini Bar to the Kitchen

Private Mini Bar is one area that may not be found in residential areas. This is because some people may prefer to go to bars and hang out with friends there.

However, during a pandemic like now, some activities may be hampered, especially activities that involve many people. This also affects the activities we usually do at the bar.



5 Unusual Room Combination Design That Looks Stunning with Mezzanine

Mezzanine is a space that is created between two floors in a building. It is an area or floor, place, or additional functional space and is usually located in the middle of a building wall or between the floor and the ceiling.

The existence of the mezzanine itself is indeed used to take advantage of a certain height of space, as well as for various additional activities that do not require full height to the ceiling. Mezzanines are also commonly called open balconies because they are higher than the floor and connected by stairs, you can use them as another room.


Kitchen with Monochrome Themes

4 Attractive Color Combinations That You Can Apply In Your Kitchen with Monochrome Themes

Kitchen with Monochrome Themes is a theme that has always been popular because of its ability to display an elegant atmosphere.

This color comes from the English words “Mono” (one) and “Chrome” (color), which means “a color formed by just one hue of hue”. Generally, the monochrome concept is dominated by white or black. This is because the white color will make a minimalist home feel clean and spacious. Meanwhile, black will create a masculine and elegant impression.


Kitchen Designs with Classic Concept

Top 3 Kitchen Designs with Classic Concept That Are Back in Interest this Year

Kitchen Designs with Classic Concept is a design style that is timeless because it always looks elegant, stylish, controlled, and puts forward a luxurious appearance. This style is characterized by the presence of ceiling moldings, arches or pillars, furniture with perfect curves, sculptures, and finishes, and looks very elegant.

Another important factor is lighting. In addition to relying on natural light from the sun, this style also considers several levels of light, such as the use of a ceiling chandelier that resembles a candle or something sparkling in the form of crystal.


Hidden Pantry Designs

4 Incredible Hidden Pantry Designs That Are Suitable For Small Kitchens

Hidden Pantry Designs or also known as Kitchen Pantry Hidden Storage is a solution that you can try for those of you who have a small kitchen.

A pantry is an area or place that is usually used to store food, cooking utensils, food storage containers, and other kitchen objects. Having a pantry is a dream for some people. This is because it can be said, with our kitchen pantry becomes more neat and clean.