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Victorian library

3 Rooms in the House that You Can Design Victorian Style

Victorian Style is one concept that you can try to apply in your home. The Victorian interior style is a blend of classic traditional design and modern contemporary. The classic style can be seen from the distinctive touch of the British empire so it looks so classy and elegant. While the interior design looks luxurious, which symbolizes optimism, enthusiasm and gives an elegant accent.

Victorian architecture, interiors, and d├ęcor emerged in the Middle Ages and remained one of the most popular interior designs until the late 19th century. The Victorian concept itself was actually inspired by the royal residence of the British royals at that time, which refers to the reign of Queen Victoria, known as the Victorian Era.


Hidden Storage Designs

Best 4 Unique and Unexpected Hidden Storage Designs

Hidden Storage Designs is a solution for storing things without fear of being caught or stored properly. Some of us may have a house with space or size that is not too wide so the owner must be smart in arranging things. By having a small house, automatically the room in the house is also small and even limited. So if it is not arranged properly, the house will feel more cramped, stuffy, and make the occupants feel uncomfortable.

One idea that can be applied if you have a narrow home space is to create hidden storage. This hidden storage area is perfect if applied to a small house. This one trick can not only store your things neatly but can also make your home feel spacious. But some people sometimes run out of ideas for organizing things in hidden storage.


Space Under The Stairs

How To Make Use Of Space Under The Stairs To Save Space

Space Under The Stairs is one area that is sometimes overlooked and mostly left empty. Whereas maximizing the space under the stairs by being used as a storage area or a certain room we can do to save space. Especially if we have a small dwelling with goods, it’s a shame if it has not been used to its full potential.

When you have a small house or residence, it does require us to be more creative in arranging each side of the room. Especially if you have a lot of furniture and household items. Of course, we need a storage area that takes up a lot of space. One solution to save space in your home is to take advantage of the space under the stairs. When you use the stairs below, storage of goods can provide comfort and also make the house neater.


Design Concepts

4 Fabulous Design Concepts That Often Use Wood Materials For Furniture

There are many design concepts that you can apply as a theme to a room in your home. But some may not be suitable considering that some of you may be constrained by budget, lack of time, and energy. Some of the existing concepts use many materials such as metal, brick, glass to wood.

Well, specifically for wood elements, it seems that this one material is indeed used in almost all design concepts. But maybe some you don’t like. Here we describe some design concepts that use the most wood. Let’s take a look at the review.


Porch Front

How to Design a Porch Front to Bring the Summer Atmosphere

Front Porch or Terrace House is an important area or part that is usually located at the front of the house. Not infrequently, this area is also a place to receive guests, most of them also use it as an outdoor living room to chat with family and friends.

This area can even affect the first impression of house guests who are present, it can be said to be the face of a house. Therefore, it is not surprising that homeowners are competing to design their terrace as well as possible to give it an attractive and beautiful appearance. Because the comfortable front porch model will certainly make guests and homeowners feel comfortable too.