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Wooden Tiny House

4 Stunning Wooden Tiny House Designs That You Can Make Easily

Wooden Tiny House is one of the designs that you can try for residential. A tiny house with wood like this can be a solution for those of you who want to have your own house with high artistic value. This residence has several advantages and disadvantages.

Where the advantages include wood material that exudes a natural or natural and cool impression that will make the house look one with nature, wood material also has a unique texture so that it exudes artistic uniqueness.


Private Workplace

How to Set Up a Private Workplace in a Small Room in an Apartment

Private Workplace is a place where we do activities such as work, meetings, or presentations. Usually, this room is only in the office. But over the decades, many people have brought workspaces into their homes.

The workspace is not only a prioritized function but also an aesthetic touch that can add comfort and a modern impression as well as neatness which is something that needs to be considered. Especially if it is owned by someone who likes to work. This of course can affect their work productivity.


Hidden Storage Designs

Best 4 Unique and Unexpected Hidden Storage Designs

Hidden Storage Designs is a solution for storing things without fear of being caught or stored properly. Some of us may have a house with space or size that is not too wide so the owner must be smart in arranging things. By having a small house, automatically the room in the house is also small and even limited. So if it is not arranged properly, the house will feel more cramped, stuffy, and make the occupants feel uncomfortable.

One idea that can be applied if you have a narrow home space is to create hidden storage. This hidden storage area is perfect if applied to a small house. This one trick can not only store your things neatly but can also make your home feel spacious. But some people sometimes run out of ideas for organizing things in hidden storage.



Top 3 Place That You Can Make as a Bookshelf

Bookshelf can be a storage area with many benefits at home. Versatile shelves like this can present a very effective decorative accent for interior arrangements. Not only can it be a beautiful accessory, but the book storage rack also has a high function in providing storage containers.

Reading is a hobby for most people, from children to even adults. But this good habit usually ends up in a pile of books in a room or in several places. For them, of course, there is nothing more fun than having a special place to store collections as well as a place to relax. Having a bookshelf in the room in the house with your favorite design will not only give pleasure but also give a new touch to your home.


Indoor Plants

How to Place Indoor Plants to Liven Up the Atmosphere in the House

Indoor Plants is one of the interiors that is usually also used as a decoration in the house. Plants in the house certainly not only add beauty but also make the room cooler and fresher.

Especially now that there are many choices of plants and flowers that can be placed in the house. In addition to attractive plants, designs and models are also increasingly varied and adapt to pots. Like this the following about plants that are designed for indoors, the shape and size are quite large and beautiful. Let’s see the review.



5 Unusual Room Combination Design That Looks Stunning with Mezzanine

Mezzanine is a space that is created between two floors in a building. It is an area or floor, place, or additional functional space and is usually located in the middle of a building wall or between the floor and the ceiling.

The existence of the mezzanine itself is indeed used to take advantage of a certain height of space, as well as for various additional activities that do not require full height to the ceiling. Mezzanines are also commonly called open balconies because they are higher than the floor and connected by stairs, you can use them as another room.