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Wooden Tiny House

4 Stunning Wooden Tiny House Designs That You Can Make Easily

Wooden Tiny House is one of the designs that you can try for residential. A tiny house with wood like this can be a solution for those of you who want to have your own house with high artistic value. This residence has several advantages and disadvantages.

Where the advantages include wood material that exudes a natural or natural and cool impression that will make the house look one with nature, wood material also has a unique texture so that it exudes artistic uniqueness.


Prefabricated Houses

3 Types of Prefabricated Houses that are Practical and Easy to Build

Prefabricated Houses are one type of house whose construction is fast and cheap because it uses modules from industrial or factory fabrications. This type of house can be a solution for those of you who want to have your own home but with a minimal budget. Not only that, but this type of house is also easy to make because you only need to install the circuit from home.

This residence has several advantages and disadvantages, including fast construction because it uses modules from industrial or factory fabricated materials, uses prefab materials, and only requires a little effort and time. The disadvantages of this type of home are their low value when sold as well as limitations and problems with their delivery.


Vintage Concepts

4 Rooms in the House That You Can Apply Vintage Concepts

Vintage Concepts is one of the classic styles that are still quite popular today. This style emerged and developed in the 1920s to 1960s. Vintage is also known as “old and of very high quality”. Although close to the ancient and simple impression, vintage still has its own interesting impression even to wear today.

Color is a very important element in vintage style. The use of colors that are most often applied to this style is soft colors or muted pastels. That is the characteristic of the color in the vintage style. Not only that, another characteristic of vintage design is that it is identical to the old-school impression so that the furniture that is usually used is also old-fashioned. There are 2 kinds of old-school furniture in vintage designs, namely furniture with models that were popular in the past and furniture with modern models that seem shabby.


Industrial Style Family Room

Characteristics of an Industrial Style Family Room You Should Know

Industrial Style Family Room is one of the concepts that you can apply in your home. A concept like this will display a strong atmosphere and influence but a warm and comfortable feeling will be created in it.

The family room is one of the spaces that play an important role in the house, so designing a friendly, beautiful, and practical scheme is also very important. Therefore, it is the family room in the house that must be designed as well as possible in order to create a pleasant atmosphere in the house. One of the themes that you can try to apply in your home is Industrial. This style shows assertiveness.