3 Types of Green Colors You Can Try Applying In Your Bathroom

Green Colors are colors that represent nature. This secondary color is produced from the combination of two primary colors, namely yellow and blue. This color is very suitable if applied in the bathroom because the nuances are very soothing and feel more refreshing.

Green is also often associated with the element of purity that can maintain harmony. Not only that, this color can affect a person’s mood and health. That is why the green color is very good if applied at home. One of them is in the bathroom. If applied to the bathroom, green is able to relax nerves, refresh the view, and can provide calm and healing.

This color is also often considered as one of the special colors because it has many kinds of green which are derived colors with different names and codes. The many variations of the green color often confuse many people, especially when choosing bathroom wall paint.

Well, here we provide green color ideas that you can apply in your bathroom.

3. Types of Green Colors You Can Try Applying In Your Bathroom

1. Forest Green in Bathroom

This variation of the green color reflects the hue of the plants and trees in the forest, also reminiscent of the rich, dark green of the forest. The green jungle wall paint matches the combination of brown, white, and gold colors in the furniture and interiors used. Coupled with a green garden is also the right choice to be presented in the bathroom.

Forest green bathroom

Forest green bathroom

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2. Pine Green in Bathroom

Pine Green color is one of the color variations of green. This color looks darker than cyan. This green derivative is inspired by the color of the pine tree that represents spring. If you are a brave person, like to be different, want to look exclusive, like bright and slightly lit colors but also seem a little dark, this color is suitable for you to apply in your bathroom.

Pine green bathroom

Pine green bathroom

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However, if you think the dominant green theme looks too much, you can apply green in just a few places and then combine it with other colors such as white. Like the green floor with the following motif in the bathroom, it makes the dimensional appearance look attractive.

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3. Pear Green in Bathroom

Make the bathroom look comfortable through the choice of wall colors and accessories to create the impression of the bathroom you want. One of them is this one green derivative premise. This type of green color is formed when yellow blends into the green which produces a cheerful color. The shade of this yellow-green is inspired by the skin of a pear. Which consists of red, green, and blue.

Pear green

Pear green

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You can also try to combine plain walls with the unusual shape of the furniture used. Furniture with decorative details that appear in contrast, but still looks harmonious. The combination of various shapes, ornaments, textures, and colors gives its own abstract impression and makes this green bathroom design more attractive.

We found this interesting idea from https://www.antidiler.org/

Hope it inspires.

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